Stairlift Features

What features would a Recycled Stairlift have?

Stairlift FeaturesEvery Recycled Stairlift is fitted with the following safety features as standard, so you can have peace of mind whilst on the stairs.

  1. Padded Seat and Backrest to give comfortable support
  2. Directional toggle switch, operated by the lightest touch
  3. Safety belt for added security
  4. Folding design to allow easy access to the staircase
  5. Swivel seat allows you to board and leave the lift without twisting the body
  6. Diagnostic digital display informs you of the status of the lift at all times
  7. Safety sensors stop the lift automatically if any obstruction is encountered on the staircase

Staircase Types

If your staircase matches one of those shown below, then you can have your stairlift installed quickly and easily from as little as £895!*

A straight staircase with a standard landing at the top

Straight staircase with a standard landing at the top

A straight staircase with one step onto a landing

Straight, flat landing onto one step onto landing

A straight staircase with two steps onto a landing

Straight two step onto landing

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